Divorce the Final Frontier

Try to be Nice


Hard to believe but the lawyers who have the most stress related illness, suffer from (rather than enjoy) the highest rate of alcoholism, mental health problems and other health issues are (drum roll) the Divorce Lawyers.

Pretty obvious really; You are looking after a client (a person with whom you have a professional and confidential relationship) at a time of acute emotional distress. Are required to deal with assets built up over a lifetime; Property division, pension allocation, ascertaining contact to the children and who has the toaster.

It’s who has the toaster that tips the lawyer into mental ill health and problem drinking.


So how can we make the process less unbearable for you and indeed me? Well. By following these simple steps.


  • Do not act hastily
  • Talk to your husband/wife; Divorce is the last of last resorts
  • Try to remain friends; You loved to person once, enough to shares lives, houses, baths, holidays, children. Draw on the good and find some common ground
  • Accept the offer/need for mediation
  • Try to minimize the areas of dispute.
  • Don’t use the process as a fight. It will cost more and make your lawyer hate you
  • Resist the urge to ring your lawyer (trusted advisor) at all hours of the day or night.
  • Try to remember what you originally liked about your partner.
  • Also remember, your lawyer is your advisor. Not your friend.



However. Here at Paul Darnborough Solicitors we do recognise the acute crisis divorce and separation can place a person in. It is a terrifying prospect and we will support you through the process. From first interview through conciliation to final ancillary property allocation.


We can organise; Property sale (including the holiday homes) pension division, contact to the children, access to the pets, stabling the horses and will of course give every client a free toaster.