Fight for You Rights vs the Richest Man

Fight for You Rights vs the Richest Man


Jim didn’t last long in his driving job run by the Richest Man.


After a very short training course at the depot Jim was shown a rather battered Van that would become his home for the next few weeks. Meaning he would be at the wheel from 5am have his lunch while holding the wheel, urinate in a bottle and defecate in a bag as he strove to deliver his 100 parcels a day.


For this pleasure he was paid a fixed daily rate that after deductions left him with £32.50 a day. He was a self employed operative, being responsible for this own tax, national insurance, fuel, and delivering 100 parcels a day on an overcrowded road network.


Jim did his best leaving for work at 5am every day, and returning home at 8pm ish. He had some good days where the drops were local and bad days, the school run clogging the arterial roads where the parcel owners lay.

He found the cumulative experience shredding his nerves, unable to have any proper break, behind the wheel for up to 14 hours a day. The truth being so different from the treat.

So after his moral dropped he couldn’t hit the 100 target drop and in front of his colleagues he was summarily sacked. After a humiliating bollocking. Pre existing damage to the Van was deducted from his income and the cost of fuel in the van all claimed by the Richest Man and his managers.

It took many a stern letter from a local solicitor (Paul Darnborough Solicitors) and the threat of court action to make the richest man in the world open his wallet and pay Jim the money he owed him, the cost of the fuel, the unpaid wages and a token for his humiliation. That it took the legal notepaper. The threat of the county court. The threat of the Richest Man losing some of his precious money tell us all we need to know.