It Never Gets Easier.

How Much Can One Take?


It gets harder to drag your duty solicitor body to the Police Station. Police Stations are ugly places. Cold angles and raised edges. Blunt Custody Sergeants. Boy and girl band police officers.


My client had been arrested for attempted sexual offences with a child (person under 16) Ben (not his real names) my client, had severe Asperger’s Syndrome. The child, Mary Ann, he had tried to engage in sexual activity with, was in fact 45 year old Steven Lee, leading light of the Cheshire Pedophile Hunters CPH.


Ben, IQ 73, is 33, He has sexual feelings. He is a virgin, he is frustrated and wants to meet someone for a loving relationship. He has been manipulated by others on the internet and had money extorted from him.
He was so ashamed, scared, vulnerable and in need of protection having had his identity shared on Facebook when the CPH exposed him at his place of voluntary work.

Months later, having had to move from his community social service networks and job, a wise Judge told him he would not go to prison.

Who’s next? Great. A psychopathic, narcissistic self pitying (they all are) drug addict robber. Cool.
What are the allegations? And are you police officers or models? I can’t tell any more.
So after an afternoon boozing Peter goes to Mandy’s flat, for great sex. Pete’s enjoying a post coital smoke and Mandy’s partner Miguel comes back from work. To protect himself from Miguel’s rage, Pete, in ‘self defence’ mind, stabs him.
They then decide to go and buy some crack (of the cocaine variety) so a couple of the lads are rounded up. A towel is used to stem the flow of Miguel’s blood. He’s bleeding copiously. To a cash machine to empty his account, he had no intention of using the knife the CCTV records as Miguel hobbles back to the car.
Off to the bridge to get the crack. Which was being enjoyed by all of them when the police stop the car. What a waste of good drugs says Pete as he refuses to hand over his pipe.


Obs’ not guilty all the way. Self defence and all that.


It doesn’t get any easier. The Police look ashen.