It sucks.

Dan is using 4 bags of heroin a day. That’s a habit. He is part of a County Lines team (“Oh no Paul, not banging on about this again are you?” “Yup fraid’ so.”) The house where Dan, not his real name obv’s, is staying is under observation, Dan meets a known drug user and does a deal. The Police pile in find 4 wraps of heroin on Dan, then search the house finding drugs, phones, cash and paraphernalia. Dan admits to selling heroin, he is on bail for a similar offence, he is a junky being used to sell drugs by a gang.

He is interviewed regarding above and has no comment to make. While under arrest his phone pings with drug orders. His case is passed to the CPS to consider charges.

You will be in court the tomorrow I tell him, do some time, get clean, move out of the area, see your kids, rebuild your life, -uck the gang off, you don’t owe them money etc. The real Dan emerges from behind his mask. And relax. We have a plan.

To my horror, he is released on bail by the CPS…… Why is this a disaster for Dan? Well dear friend because; He will return to his addiction, he will sell more drugs for the gang, he will commit further offences, this will result in a custodial sentence of 6-8 years, rather than an 18 month sentence he currently faces. There are no resources to help him. We all lose. The system sucks.