Kindness 2020.

A Bit More Kindness 2020

Reflecting on 2019 and the end of another all to fleeting decade, what have we learned?

Phuuuh. Not much? Well you know what you like and what you don’t, maybe? What’s good for us and bad perhaps?

From a legal perspective the decade continues to reveal to me, I don’t like many in my chosen profession.

Let’s look at the robing room in the Crown Court. The pumped up ego’s of the small people at the Bar. This is not a size thing. More the inflation of the narcissists ego required to dress up like an Elizabethan fop, regurgitate the mangled language of the court and submit to the majesty of an anachronistic judicial system that work for, well, no one really. Apart from up holding the ancient systems and culture of the system.

The reform of the legal system is well overdue and I have few if any solutions. Or not in this missive. Other than to call out the above.

What fucks it up and the practitioner’s is the culture of the profession. Knowledge is used against the other. There is no concept of collegiate action or sharing, or cooperation.

Your knowledge is your power and the winner is the one who uses that to their advantage and personal betterment; for themselves or and their client. It also makes, in my opinion, for a pretty poisoned personality type.

Tell me I’m wrong? In 35 years in the job. I have been before 3 kind Judges, Who were able to combine wisdom with compassion. I have no kind words for any of the miserable District Judges in the County Court (Think smart alec Lawyers craving for judicial office, but not bright enough to be in the Higher Courts etc)

Fellow solicitors, well. I only invited one of them to my 50th. Which is where the penny dropped. Plus I have a litmus test; If I were in a crowded train and there was a spare seat next to any lawyer of my acquaintance would I want to sit next to them, answer, a resounding no.

Yup. It’s something about the person, and then the poison of the job.

Not sure how we change it, but try a little tenderness, a bit more kindness to each other and then you might find your legal problems and the need to meet with a dysfunctional, emotionally stunted up spectrum narcissist ( aka a typical Lawyer) disappear.