Law and Music

As some of you may know I have allowed my interest in Music to flow into my legal world. Whilst not an accomplished musician I have a deep love of music, the emotions it connects and stirs and the moods generated by sound.
With a few friends I run a monthly celebration of the famous and the aspiring DJ/Producer/Musicians, at the Carlton Club. Which, after a 4 and a half years slog and cost, has become an overnight success.
Where does the law come in? Well you follow the oldest legal maxim “Say what you’ll do and do what you say.” This has paid off because we are trusted by our artists and our crowd. Who know they have a great night, be looked after, receive a quality service (thanks to everyone at the Carlton Club)
We also have great lighting, sound and the artists because of our reputation. Rather like growing a legal business.
From the success of our party, I have started working with higher profile musicians; I recently travelled in Africa on Tour with Super Producer Youth (Martin Glover) who has worked with Paul McCartney, Pink Floyd and for the cooler readers invented Psy Trance.
The skills one acquires in Law; Organisation, Organisation, Organisation equipped me to plan, promote and successfully run a 9 day “Tour of the Great Cities” with one of our finest musicians and a true legend Mr Dennis Bovell. It was an honour to spend time with both Youth and Dennis and to be considered their friend and personal lawyer.
Other doors have opened and who knows where they lead. If I were you, I’d make the most of my legal services whilst they are still on offer and I’m not at Glastonbury or organising future musical events.
Who knew how useful these legal skills are? Certainly not me.

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