Managing a Legal Practise and Running the Psychedelic DiscoTech.

For those of you who didn’t know. Besides running the most progressive client friendly  legal practise in the North West, I also run Manchester’s Best Night Out in the £5-£7 category (self awarded award) The legendary Psychedelic Disco Tech

Phew, well there you go. “Paul.” You ask. “How can you run the most efficient, progressive, engaged bijou law firm in the north west, and manage an immersive transcendent music experience.

Well the answer is very easy.

The skills you need to run a law firm and a club night are very similar.  Be organised, turn up on time, pay everyone who needs paying the price you have agreed. Do what you say and say what you do.

Yes, for the last 4 years following a dear friend’s birthday party and having attended Liverpool International Festival of Psychedelia myself and some good mates decided that we would run evening events for Grown Up Grooving. In the magical confines of the former judges lodgings in Whalley Range the Carlton Club.

Let’s look at the parallel skills involved in running a legal case and putting on an evening of amazing music.

Well first you need your artist, which, dear client I will put you in the same bracket. Most artists are needy, insecure, unsure of what they want and need, narcissistic and greedy.  They are so much worse than dealing with you, who are unsure of a legal route to justice, need a problem solving some legal guidance, redress and reassurance.

However, the commonality is to treat both artist and client with respect and consideration. They, the artists, keep coming back. As I hope will you all.

At Paul Darnborough Solicitors. We like to listen to what your problems are, consider the evidence and then advise you how to proceed. At a price you can afford and are happy with.

At the Psychedelic Disco Tech, we decide what we are going to do, who with, at a price everyone is happy with, organise the venue, lights ( thanks to our great mates Andy and Steve Sadler, who built this website) Sound system, advertise the event, put on the show and make sure everyone is happy.

We are lucky to work with amazingly talented people, who we treat with respect and trust. In both set ups

The motto at both Paul Darnborough Solicitors and the Psychedelic Disco Tech is “Surround yourself with good people” that is what we always try to do.

To make sure your experience is one that is conducted by experts, highly skilled in their tasks and committed to their endeavours.

So there you have it. Just apply the same tried and tested legal principles to all your needs. Approach each task with enthusiasm and integrity and treat everyone equally.

Especially you dear client