Personal Matters

It’s keeping you awake at night. It’s permanently at the back of your mind. Whenever you have a moments peace, it creeps up on you. We are referring to a personal legal problem that you need to discuss with us.

You have asked all your mates, your own trusted colleagues and the legal problem still persists.

It’s time to take valuable confidential legal advice from a trusted adviser at Paul Darnborough Solicitors. We will listen to you and reflect on what you say. Your problem may explain itself away and the answer be in the telling.

You may need our expert counsel to be able to analyze the problem, see it from many angles and then find solutions.

Remember we owe you a duty of confidentiality that exists in perpetuity. We will not disclose anything you say to us (within the Solicitors Conduct Rules, of course, but they respect confidences.)

Your problems become our problems and we will find solutions or stop them becoming worse. We will provide a series of steps to take and expert legal advice. This is what we do, what we are trained to do and what we enjoy doing. Helping you solve your problems.
We are here to help you. We are your personal legal advisor.

Just pick up the phone.

Personal Matters is an area of law which covers the following:

  • Personal Disputes
    • Consumer rights
    • Landlord and tenant disputes
    • Boundary disputes
    • Property disputes
    • Contractual disputes
    • Professional negligence claims
    • Medical negligence claims
    • Personal injury claims
    • Employment law advice
    • Contested Will claims
  • Personal; Regaltory and Crime
    • Offences of Violence
    • Public Order Offences
    • Drug Offences
    • Revenue and Customs Offences
    • Football Spectators
    • Road Traffic
      • Careless Driving
      • Dangerous Driving
      • Disqualification
      • Driving without Insurance
      • Failing to Stop
      • Penalty Points
      • Traffic Light Offences
      • Totting Up
      • Drink Driving
      • Mobile Phone Driving
      • New Drivers
      • Speeding Offences
      • Opening a Car Door
      • Pedestrian Crossing
      • No Road Tax
    • Reputation management
    • Employment
    • Defamation
    • FB disputes
    • Intellectual property