Practising Law

“Do you want to practice in these Courts Mr Darnborough?”

“Well not when my path is surrounded by lily pads your Honour.” I said to myself.

“Yes please, if that’s okay with you ma’am?”

The problem with the younger Judges, is that they think a good Judge is a hard one. It’s tricky, but hey, a bit more finesse and there’s no need for the curmudgeonly theatrics.

Where’s your manners Judgey? It’s that bespoke irritability that is about us these days. Which is why at Paul Darnborough Solicitors, we never want to push the matter at a brusque pace, or give the impression we don’t care about you. We do.

Yeah. It’s good to get to the heart of the issue quickly, work out the options, have a look at the possibilities, devise a legal strategy, and be nice about it all.

The luxury of our set up is that operating as totally modern law firm we can be transparent about costs and do the job properly.

It’s a shame that the legal profession is regarded with such aversion, but it has, of course, been self inflicted. Which makes it all the harder to acknowledge, but we are trying.

Meaning, there’s a fear that engaging a lawyer can make things worse and cost you and arm and a leg oh and I’ll have the jacket. Well we try to be different and offer a price you are comfortable with for the work that needs to be done and that appears to be working.

Helping us help you. Your local, personal, legal service, in the heart of Chorlton.