Try the Free Wills Network

How it works

  • Under the scheme a charity of your choice pay a qualified and experienced Solicitor to prepare your Will
  • You are not obliged to leave money to the charity, but you may wish to.
  • The scheme has raised over £38 million of future legacy income for charities.
  • The service is for the preparation of a simple will. More complex matters may incur a fee.


How do I Apply?

  • Look on line for a charity you support.
  • See if they are part of the Free Wills Network
  • Apply on line for an information pack
  • Arrange an appointment with us
  • Bring the declaration form with you
  • We offer flexible appointments


What Happens

  • We take your instructions and prepare a Simple or Mirror Wills. For you and your partner.
  • We send you your will to keep in a safe place, with instructions how to execute the Will.


It’s Easy and Free to Use

  • Contact your charity
  • Get the Form
  • Contact us

We do the rest.