Our Services, Our Charges

Let’s be clear about price

The SRA (Solicitors Regulation Authority -  the body that regulates Solicitors) require all Solicitors to give price information.

Each case is judged on it’s complexity, the time involved and the amount of work we need to do to. But in accordance with the Transparency Regulations, here are our guideline prices for the following work. (Our prices are inclusive of VAT.)

Wills and Probate
  • We provide a free charity will writing service
  • Uncontested Probate Fees 2.5% of the estate
Motoring Offences
  • Summary Offences £700 plus disbursements, or as agreed.
Immigration Appeals
  • £1000 (There may be additional Barrister’s fees and disbursements.)
Employment Tribunals
  • £1000 (These fees can be recovered if the case is successful.)
Debt Recovery

Case dependent.

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