Our Services, Our Charges

Let’s be clear about price

At Paul Darnborough Solicitors we want to ensure we are completely transparent with our pricing.  Each case is judged on it’s complexity, the time involved and the amount of work we need to do to. But in accordance with the Transparency Regulations, here are our guideline prices for the following work. (Our prices are inclusive of VAT.)

Our Charging Structure

Paul Darnborough Solicitors is a local private practice serving the needs of the community we believe everyone should have access to legal advice, and we work with you to provide the best result for your case.

We charge for our services on a private client basis.

We will ensure that you have full visibility of costs throughout the legal process, starting with our legal fees and what you can expect in return.
Our costs whenever possible are agreed in advance for the job or on an hourly rate commensurate with the complexity of the case.

We appreciate that for many seeking legal advice can be a stressful experience and we try to minimise this. We will listen to your needs and explain the path forwards with as much clarity as we can from the very start.

Family Law Advice Fees

We conduct divorce, separation arrangements, child care arrangements and pre nuptial arrangements

We will establish what your circumstances are and provide advice. We will help you understand your options and try to provide solutions

Family initial consultation only £150

Our charge out rate for a contested divorce is £200 per hour.

Will Fees

We offer a wide range of will writing services to suit your needs and circumstances, from bespoke wills to handle complex situations where property and assets are involved

We also work for the free Charity Wills Network – there are additional charges if your will is more complex and falls outside the definition of a simple will. This will be explained to you and price agreed for any additional work.

For example the appointment of guardians for the children, the creation of trusts and any additional or complex provisions. All will be discussed with you in interview and explained clearly before the work is conducted.

Expert support to write your will is from £100.

Probate Fees

Probate Fees are £200 per hour this involves all the complex paperwork and applications to the Probate Registry

The management of an estate is charged at £250 per hour involving the management of the property and it’s eventual sale. We do not conduct conveyancing work and will outsource this part of the process.

Contested Court Proceeding Fees

This is an area in which we look carefully at each case on it’s respective merits.  We will always look at the complexity of the case and the work involved.
We will give you an accurate and clear figure. We will quote a figure for you in our fees being generally as follows

Day in court
£650 +travel outside of Manchester

Half Day in Court
£450 +travel outside of Manchester

Defamation and Reputation Management Case Fees

We will discuss the detail of the matter with you and offer a fixed fee service for the preparation, management and settlement. The price reflects the complexity and amount of work involved.

General Fees

£500 Simple case. Straightforward issues and plan of action determined.

£1000 for more complex matters requiring skilful negotiation, frequent and multiple correspondence.

( fees do not include the issue of court proceedings)

No Win, No Fee

We do not work on a 'no win, no fee basis.


We are always happy to discuss the issues and facts of a matter on a confidential and discreet basis.