Defamation Solicitors

Defamation is the action of damaging the good reputation of someone through slander or libel.

Any intentional false communication, either written ( including and especially on the internet)  or spoken that harms your reputation, decreases the respect with which you are held, regard or confidence with regard to how you, this person is held, or induces disparaging hostile or disagreeable opinions or feelings against a person ( i.e  you. )

You may have a claim for Defamation. The law in this area has been restricted by the Defamation Act 2013. There are statutory defenses that a Defendant may seek to rely on.

An action for Defamation is expensive costly and time consuming. Unless you have an abundance of time, energy and deep pockets. It is not a remedy for people like us.

But what can you do? At Paul Darnborough Solicitors, we have tried and tested strategies to apply in most cases. To suit most wallets.

These include;

  • A series of warning letters
  • A strategy of rebutting each and every allegation
  • Inviting those who attack you to make these allegation in public forums
  • We enjoy favorable relations with the Police and Crown Prosecution Service and are happy to prepare a pre charge advice packs.
  • Self help litigation bundles
  • Cease and Desist Correspondence.

Do not suffer in silence. Make an appointment and speak to an expert. The process of simply speaking to a caring professional will put things in perspective and make you feel better.

The process of putting yourself in front of a legal expert who’s only goal is to help you and sort out your problem is empowering and energizing.

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