Employment Solicitors

Think. Have you been treated fairly at work? You may need to speak to a professional advisor to confirm what has happened to you and help shape your thinking.

You can be so wrapped up in events, or ground down by processes that legal advice is necessary to frame your thinking in a legal context.

Bullying, intimidation and discrimination are prevalent in stressful working environments. If you have not been treated fairly you may have a claim against your employers. We are able to advise and support, from Chief Exec to office junior.

This is a complex area of law and it is difficult, because of your place within it, to know where your rights begin and end. It’s hard to keep a clear head when you are in a stressful situation.

You MUST know your rights and entitlements if a redundancy situation arises. Think. Have you been treated fairly? Have you been unfairly singled out for Redundancy? What can you do about it? This can be a terrifying time and we understand that you need access to expert legal advice. Speak to us now.

The work place is not somewhere where you surrender your rights and entitlements.  This may often feel to be the case. If it doesn’t feel right, it isn’t. You may be being bullied, discriminated and emotionally picked on in an unfair manner. If you think so, do something about it. Speak to a lawyer. Us.

If your employment has ended, or you’ve been made redundant, you may have been asked to sign a Compromise Agreement with your employer. Bring this to us, to look at before you commit to anything. You may be entitled to have your legal fees paid by your employer. That would be nice and we can negotiate for a better settlement on your behalf.

If you have any work place fears. Call us. We will tell you if you have been.

  • Unfairly singled out for Dismissal
  • IF the way you have been treated amounts to a Constructive Dismissal
  • The Dismissal was Wrongful in itself.
  • Advice on the Appeals process
  • How to make a claim at a Tribunal and Representation.
  • Have you been subject to Discrimination on the basis of Age, Sex, Race or Other Grounds.