Social Media Disputes

We live in a digital world. You are lucky if your job and social life allow you to function in the real, rather than the technological digital world.

For many of us Life is lived either in front of or inside a screen. Access to the internet is essential for us and our children.

The access to and proliferation of technological tools mean that there is an increasing risk of the world turning against us, or the emergence of Internet trolls or bullies who can ruin your life and unfortunately the lives of your children.

The internet can be used as a tool to pick on those who are different weak, vulnerable or who at some stage and for some reason do not fit in. We are here to help.

We recognise the harm that bullying or trolling on social media may cause  you or your child. If you think your child has been bullied then contact our Solicitors immediately. Tell tale signs of this are a reluctance to use electronic devises, lack of appetite and general unhappiness. a tired withdrawal and low mood.

Do not delay come and speak to us immediately.

Our expert lawyers have a range of solutions to stop this behavior, protect you and your child and restore your reputation.

We have solutions from;

  • Stay safe strategies,
  • Police and CPS liaison packs
  • Private prosecution options.

This is an emerging and fast moving area. Cyber bullying is not illegal. However the actions that you or your child may have suffered could have strayed into the territory of criminal law. Particular areas of statute can afford you and your child protection.

We will use our influence and expertise to liaise with the Police and CPS if the case demands.

The areas covered include

  • Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994
  • Malicious Communications Act 1988
  • Communications Act 2003
  • Breach of the Peace
  • Defamation Act 2013 ( See section above)

Do not suffer alone. We are here to help. The simple process of contacting our legal experts is a step towards stopping and dealing with what is causing such destruction and unhappiness in your life.

We have solutions and are here as your dedicated legal expert. Call us now.